Aerial and Ground Based Photography

Using the latest drone technology we can fly above your buildings, events or photo target, to capture 4k video and high resolution still imagery.  We have a small drone to undertake small roof inspections and also a larger drone for higher level work

We also use a small DJI Pocket camera and also a Canon EOS DSLR camera for professional level ground based videography and photography

We will discuss your requirements in detail and agree on a flight plan that will provide the imagery that you need.  All imagery is provided digitally either on hard media or via web links

Our pilots are all fully qualified by the CAA to fly commercially and all flights are fully insured up to £1m. Higher insurance can be provided if needed at additional cost.

Buildings, the Built Environment and Inland Waterways are our speciality, but wherever we can fly, we can shoot.

Broad Lane

We always use the best tools for the job.

Our Phantom 4 Pro Drone has a top quality camera, with adjustable aperture and a mechanical shutter.  The image quality is superb and we use this for high quality still and video imagery

The Mavic 2 Zoom has a 2X Optical zoom and is great for building inspections.  You can really get up close and personal with this one.

The Mini 2 Drone is under 250g in weight and under CAA Regulations is therefore able to fly very close to uninvolved persons. This is useful in urban and congested areas.

We can also shoot video on the ground using the DJI Pocket 2 which is a stabilised hand held  camera very similar to the drone cameras, and also high quality stills and video with the Canon EOS 6D Mark 2

Canon Eos 6D Mark 2
Canon Eos 6D Mark 2

Canon Eos Six Mark 2

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Phantom 4 Pro
Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro

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Mavic 2 Zoom
Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic 2 Zoom

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We can undertake detailed property assessments whatever your requirement is:

  • Structural Surveys of Domestic Properties

  • Due Diligence Inspections

  • Structural Surveys of Heritage Properties

  • Roof Inspections

  • Fire Damage

  • Retaining Wall Inspections

  • Impact Damage

We will provide fully detailed written reports outlining our observations, and our recommendations and conclusions.

We are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance of £500k

The drone gives us that extra capability to see the areas that others cant such as roofs, chimneys, gutters, high level construction, balconies, mast structures etc


We are passionate about all classic cars but especially those from the 1940's

Although these were bought as a hobby they are perfect for weddings, or other special occasions.

We could combine a chauffeur driven excursion in one of these classic cars full of history and character with some drone footage and photography of your event!

All cars are fully insured for use as limousines (including public liability insurance).




Des is a Chartered Civil Engineer and qualified Drone Pilot.

He has over 40 years experience in the built environment, working for consultants in the UK, the Middle East and in Australia, and was a Director of a multi disciplinary UK consultancy for nearly 20 years before stepping down in 2019

He has extensive experience of Civil and Structural Engineering, building surveying, forensic building inspections, expert witness work, project management, and has now combined his expertise in the built environment with his interest in flying and photography.

Air2Ground offer a very unusual combination of a Drone Pilot who is also an experienced Building Professional and a Chartered Engineer, and a classic car enthusiast!

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