What Does it Cost?

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Aerial Photography

Simple Drone Flights will generally be charged at between £150 and £350 although local flights on small sites may be lower than that. 


Costings are dependent on the nature of the work, the output required,  and the location of the site.   If editing of the imagery is required to make a video, or if a 360 degree walk through is required then additional costs would apply.  

All flights are subject to a pre-flight risk assessments, and in certain locations it may not be possible to undertake the flight due to legal restrictions. 


Some Flights will require permissions from third parties and the costs of obtaining such permissions will be rolled into the price.

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Building Inspections and Other Consultancy Work

Building Inspections and Appraisals and other general consultancy work is  generally charged at £500 for a full day plus  travel. 

A simple Structural Survey would be charged at between £325 and £450 depending on the size of the property and the location

Please contact us for a quotation.

Terms and Conditions

All Invoices to be settled by BACS on submission of invoice. 


Invoices are submitted on completion of the job